Stackhousia Sm.

Herbs, stems striated and sometimes woody. Leaves fleshy or leathery, petals free at base but connate at midpoint. Ovaries connate along central axis Stackhousia
Spikes dense, flowers single along its axis. Corolla whitish to cream
Mature carpels each with 3 acute dorsal angles. Stems stout. Leaves thick, spathulate to obovate, 15–30 mm, long 8–15 mm wide, often obtuse, sometimes with short points. Corolla tube cream, 6–8 mm long, with obtuse lobes. Procumbent to ascending herb, stem often partly buried in sand. Coastal sand dunes. Fl. spring–summer Stackhousia spathulata
Carpels without angles, globular or obovoid, reticulate. Stems often slender. Leaves thin, usually linear (rarely narrow-ovate), mostly 1–2 cm long. Corolla white, drying cream; lobes obtuse; the tube 5–7 mm long. Spike elongating at fruiting stage. Erect herb up to 40 cm high. Widespread. Open forests. Fl. summer Stackhousia monogyna