Sprengelia Sm.

Branches smooth, without annular scars Sprengelia
Erect shrubs. Leaves tapering from the broad base
Sepals narrow, pale, not leaf-like. Leaves spreading or recurved, 5–20 mm long. Corolla pink or purplish; the lobes narrow, almost valvate in the bud. Flowers often numerous and appearing to form a terminal panicle. Shrub mostly 50–100 cm high. Widespread. Wet heath on swampy sandy soils. Fl. spring. Bog Rose Sprengelia incarnata
Sepals broad, green, much resembling the leaves. Leaves spreading or incurved, 3–5 mm long. Corolla whitish; lobes very broad, imbricate in the bud. Slender, erect, wiry shrub 30–100 cm high. Coast and adjacent plateaus. Wet heath in swampy places on sandy soils. Fl. spring Sprengelia sprengelioides