All or the majority of leaves entire, some maybe irregularly and obscurely toothed near apex Myoporaceae
Calyx segments narrow-triangular, acute, up to 4 mm long Myoporum
Fruit fleshy, ovoid, 3–5-locular
Ovary not as above
Leaf margins entire. Sepals without prominent membranous margins
D Leaves obovate to elliptic, mostly 3–7 cm long and 15–30 mm wide, mucronate. Flowers axillary, 2 or more together but sometimes solitary, pedicels 10–15 mm long. Corolla 4–6 mm diam., whitish, spotted with purple inside, densely pubescent on the inside of the lobes. Fruit globular, purplish blue, c. 6 mm diam. Shrub up to 1.5 m high. Sea cliffs; coastal dunes; coastal swamp forests. Fl. spring–summer Myoporum boninenseaustrale
Leaves mostly less than 10 mm wide. Fruit succulent and smooth or dry, ± compressed. Corolla white with purple spots, 5–6 mm diam., sprinkled with hairs inside the lobes or glabrous. Leaves entire, linear to lanceolate or oblanceolate, concolorous. Fruit globular to ovoid, 5–7 mm diam., purplish. Shrub up to 3 m high, with an unpleasant odour. Blue Mts Forests. Fl. spring–summer. Water Bush Myoporum montanum