Thelymitra J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.

Sun Orchids

c. 37 species in Aust. (c. 23 endemic); all states and territories except NT

Terrestrial herbs usually glabrous, with ovoid tubers. Leaf solitary, narrow, channelled, of varying length, stem-clasping in its lower portion, with 1–2 foliaceous bracts above it. Flowers in a terminal raceme, rarely solitary, usually expanding only on bright sunny days. Perianth almost regular; the labellum differing only slightly from the paired petals; sepals petaloid. Column rather short and stout, prominently winged (Fig. 45 b); the wings united at the base in the front; then either expanding upward behind the anther, or extending only on one side of the anther; in all cases each wing is furnished with a lateral lobe, which in many species terminates in a conspicuous tuft of hairs; the apex of the column wings is sometimes referred to as a hood. Anther erect or bent forward between the lobes of the wings. Pollinia granular.