Tetraria P.Beauv.

4 species in Aust. (3 endemic); all states and territories except NT

Tetraria capillaries (F.Muell.) J.M.Black

Rhizomatous perennial herb. Culms 20–40 cm high, up to 1 mm wide, terete or ridged. Leaves with filiform laminas up to 5 mm long but frequently reduced to a sheath alone. Spikelets few, in a short panicle or raceme, pedicellate, narrow-lanceolate, c. 4 mm long, with 2 flowers or rarely 1-flowered; only the upper flower perfect. Glumes distichous. Perianth bristles absent or minute. Stylar base persistent, conical, as long as the body of the nut. Coast and adjacent plateaus. Sandy soils