Schenkia Griseb.

2 species in Aust. (2 native, 1? naturalized); all states and territories

Schenkia spicata (L.) Mans.

Erect herb up to 35 cm high. Compound cymes solitary or few on the stem. Cyme branches spreading, spike-like after the first branching since one branch of each subsequent dichasial branching is stronger than the other; the ends of the branches monochasial. Basal rosette of leaves absent. Leaves sessile, elliptic 1–3 cm long, narrower towards the apex. Corolla pink; tube usually slightly longer than the calyx. Calyx 6–8 mm long, 4–5-toothed. Coast and adjacent plateaus; Cumberland Plain. Pastures and waste ground. Not common. Fl. spring–summer