Pseuderanthemum Radlk.

3 species in Aust. (2 endemic); Qld, NSW, NT

Pseuderanthemum variabile (R.Br.) Radlk.

Perennial herb with a creeping rhizome and erect stems 7–30 cm high. Leaves petiolate, ovate to lanceolate or linear, mostly 1–5 cm long. Flowers in a terminal narrow bracteate raceme. Calyx lobes linear-setaceous, 3–8 mm long. Corolla pale blue or pink to white; tube slender, straight, 7–16 mm long; lobes broad, spreading. Capsule narrow, 10–14 mm long; the lower half contracted, seedless. Widespread. Forests and cleared land. Fl. summer–autumn. Pastel Flower