Prasophyllum R.Br.

Leek Orchids

58 species in Aust. (57 endemic, 1 native); all states and territories except NT

Terrestrial glabrous herbs, usually with ovoid tubers. Leaf solitary, closely sheathing the stem for half to the whole of the distance to the base of the inflorescence, then produced into a terete lamina. Flowers not resupinate, usually numerous but occasionally few, in a terminal spike. Dorsal sepal ± lanceolate, concave on the inner side, often recurved; lateral sepals usually narrower but quite as long as the dorsal one, free or ± connate. Petals shorter and narrower than the sepals. Labellum sessile, undivided, oblong to lanceolate-acuminate; margins crisped, denticulate, fringed or quite smooth; upper surface with a longitudinal callus of varying form, often bordered at least in part by a membrane; basal portion ± erect; the lamina often variously curved. Column short, with a variable lateral wing on either side. Anther with 2 pollen sacs, erect behind the stigma; pollinia 2, bilobed; caudicles present.