Olea L.

2 species in Aust. (1 native, 1 naturalized); Qld, NSW, Vic., S.A.

*Olea europaea ssp.cuspidata (Wall. ex Don) Cif.

Small, evergreen tree, glabrous except the young tips which are scurfy. Branchlets drooping. Leaves lanceolate, 5–10 cm long, dark green and shining on the upper surface, paler underneath, acute, with a small recurved point. Flowers in axillary panicles shorter than the leaves. Calyx with 4 very short teeth. Corolla with 4 reflexed lobes 2–3 mm long; tube much shorter. Style short; stigma 2-lobed, almost capitate. Fruit globular, black, drupaceous, c. 6 mm diam. Coast and Cumberland Plain. Waste places. Fl. spring. African Olive