Microtis R.Br.

Onion Orchids

c. 12 species in Aust.; all states and territories except NT

Terrestrial, glabrous herbs with globular tubers. Leaf solitary, sheathing from the base of the stem to half or two-thirds of the distance to the base of the inflorescence, then extending into a free terete lamina. Flowers very small, numerous in a terminal spike. Perianth green. Dorsal sepal ± hooded, 2–3 mm long. Lateral sepals lanceolate to oblong, not appreciably longer than the dorsal one, spreading or much reflexed. Petals narrower and not much shorter than the sepals, spreading or incurved. Labellum sessile, not lobed, very obtuse, occasionally emarginate, usually oblong, deflexed or recurved, with raised callosities on the upper surface. Column very short and broad with 2 wings or auricles which are not as high as the apex of the anther. Anther erect, with 2 pollen sacs; pollinia 2, bilobed, granular; caudicle usually present.