Microsorum Link

8 species native AUST.; all states and territories except S.A.

Epiphytes on trees or growing on rocks. Rhizomes long-creeping, clothed with scales which are persistent or caducous, peltate-based, entire or toothed, narrowly lanceolate or lanceolate to broadly ovate or suborbicular, clathrate throughout or towards the middle, sometimes with a light brown border. Stipes smooth, unwinged or winged almost to the base, articulated to the rhizome (except in a few non-Australian species); phyllopodia clothed with scales similar to those on the rhizome. Fronds simple and entire or 1-pinnatifid, sometimes with both types of fertile fronds on the same rhizome (as in the 2 Australian species listed here). Lamina membranous to coriaceous, sometimes translucent, glabrous or with a few peltate scales along the main veins. Segments of the fronds 1–20 pairs, often narrowed towards the base; a terminal segment also present; margin entire or sinuate, never serrate, often slightly thickened. Veins prominent to almost hidden, complex, anastomosing with free vein-endings in the numerous areolae; the included veinlets facing in all directions, ending in hydathodes. Sori exindusiate, deeply pustulate, slightly immersed or superficial, mostly round or oval, rarely slightly elongated along the veins, in 1–3 rows with the sori (in the 2 species listed here) in the row closest to the midrib each borne on a distinctly thickened acroscopic veinlet which proceeds from the costa at the base of or near the base of a main lateral vein (Fig. 18 & 19). Paraphyses with slightly thickened apices. Sporangia with an annulus including 14–16 thick-walled cells. Spores bilateral, monolete.