c. 4 gen., Australia, New Guinea and New Caledonia

Lomandra Labill.

52 species in Aust. (49 endemic, 3 native); all states and territories

Erect and tufted or decumbent perennials with rhizomes or stolons. Leaves narrow-linear to narrow-oblong, basal or cauline. Flowers unisexual, often clustered, in spikes or panicles or semi-globular heads. Perianth segments 6, arranged in 2 whorls. Male flowers with 6 stamens, 3 attached to the inner perianth segments, the other 3 free; anthers versatile, deeply lobed; ovary rudimentary or absent. Female flowers similar, with a persistent perianth; staminodes present or absent; ovary 3-locular with 1 erect ovule per loculus, superior. Capsule subglobular, glossy.