Eucryphia Cav.

5 species endemic Aust.; Qld, NSW, Vic., Tas.

Eucryphia moorei F.Muell.

Tree or tall shrub. Leaves pinnate; leaflets usually 5–13 but fewer on flowering branches, oblong to ovate, 2–6 cm long, entire, coriaceous, dark green, nearly glabrous on upper surface, white-tomentose underneath; stipules small. Flowers regular, 25–30 mm diam., solitary or several together in upper axils. Sepals 4, broad, thin, cohering into a calyptra, falling as the flower opens. Petals 4, white, broad, much imbricate. Stamens very numerous. Ovary superior, 5–12-locular, silky tomentose. Fruit a capsule, oblong or ovoid, 8–16 mm long, hard, opening septicidally. Illawarra ranges. RF and WSF. Fl. summer–autumn. Pinkwood