Empodisma L.A.S.Johnson & D.Cutler

2 species endemic Aust.; all states and territories

Empodisma minus (Hookf.) L.A.S.Johnson & D.Cutler

Weak perennial, dioecious herb. Culms slender, very much branched, often flexuose, sometimes climbing to nearly 2 m high but may be quite short and nearly erect. Leaf sheaths loose, green or light coloured; the upper ones and the floral bracts, or sometimes nearly all of them, with short subulate usually reflexed tips. Flowers in axillary solitary sessile spikelets 4–6 mm long; male spikelets several-flowered; female spikelets 1-flowered. Glumes lanceolate, acute, rigid. Perianth segments 6, narrow in the male flowers; short broad and almost hyaline in the female. Stamens 3. Ovary 1-locular; stylar branches 3. Fruit a nut. Widespread. Wet places