Doodia R.Br.

Rasp Ferns

8 species in AUST. (4 endemic, 4 native); all states and territories

Terrestrial ferns, mostly 10–40 cm (sometimes 60cm) high, usually in RF or covering banks in open eucalypt forests. Rhizome mostly black, with a short, erect, tufted portion clothed with small, thick, dark, non-peltate scales and bearing numerous wiry, black roots; underground runners emerging from the tufted portion. Stipes borne in a crown, not articulated to the rhizome, dark brown or black, scaly especially near the base. Fronds 1-pinnatifid to 1-pinnate, harsh, submembranous to coriaceous, uniform to very dimorphic. Pinnae mostly 15–40 pairs, with a prickly margin. Veins prominent, areolate in the fertile fronds, sometimes simple or forked in the sterile fronds but mostly anastomosing with several rows of areolae parallel to the midrib. Sori short, superficial, distinct or confluent, cultrate to oblong, often slightly curved, 1–2 (rarely 3) rows parallel to the midrib, 1 to each areola, attached on the inner side of the veinlet or veinlets parallel to the costa (Fig. 23). Indusium cultrate to oblong, membranous, opening towards the midrib.Sporangia with an annulus of 14–16 thick-walled cells. Spores bilateral, brown to dark brown, smooth, reniform or sub-orbicular.