Dictymia J.Sm.

1 species native AUST.; Qld, N.S.W.

Dictymia brownii (Wilkstr.) Copel.

Epiphytic or rupestral ferns. Rhizome widely creeping, 2–6 mm diam., densely clothed with rather persistent, peltate-based, clathrate, squarrose, long-acuminate scales. Fronds 4–60 cm long including the stipes, 5–20 mm broad. Lamina dark green, simple, uniform, very thick; the base gradually narrowing into the stipe; the margin undulate or entire. Veins almost hidden except the prominent midrib. Sori narrowly oblong to oval, rarely orbicular, half-way between the midrib and margin. North from Blue Mts.; occasionally Coast and Cumberland Plain (Wiseman's Ferry). RF. Growing on rocks and trees, mostly in the ranges