Cyperus L.

150 species in Aust. (50 endemic); all states and territories

Tufted or creeping rhizomatous perennials or annuals. Culms 3-angular or terete. Leaves few or reduced to scales at the base of the culms. Involucral bracts 1 to several at the base of the inflorescence. Inflorescence usually either capitate or umbellate; rays simple or compound, commonly bearing divaricate spikes or clusters of spikelets. Spikelets flat to subterete, 1–many-flowered (Fig. 46). Rhachilla either not winged or bearing at each node a pair of wings which are the decurrent bases of the next distal glume. Glumes distichous, concave or keeled; the lowest 1 or 2 sterile. Perianth absent. Stamens 1–3. Style undilated at the base, deciduous, 3–2-fid or rarely entire. Nut equally 3-angular or lenticular, naked or clasped by the wings of the rhachilla.