Cryptostylis R.Br.

Tongue Orchids

5 species in Aust. (4 endemic, 1 native); all states and territories except NT

Terrestrial, glabrous herbs with fleshy rhizomes. Leafless or with a few erect lanceolate to ovate, basal leaves on long petioles. Flowers not resupinate, several in a terminal raceme. Perianth green or yellowish except for the red-brown labellum. Sepals and petals linear; the sepals almost equal in length; the petals smaller. Labellum undivided, sessile; the base enclosing the column; the lamina sometimes very broad, concave on the upper surface or convex through reflexion of the margins, longitudinally ridged or with sessile calli. Column very short and broad, winged; the wings forming auricles or produced posteriorly into a glandular or membranous process with fringed margins behind the anther.