Corymbia maculata (Hook.) K.D.Hill & L.A.S.Johnson

Leaves not lemon scented. Bark white to pink with darker spots and sometimes dimpled. Fruit 10–14 mm diam., ovoid to slightly urceolate, pedicellate. Disc enclosed in the floral tube; valves deeply enclosed. Tree up to 40 m high. Leaves 10–20 x 2.5–6 cm; lateral veins parallel with each other; angle 45–60°. Petiole angular, 15–25 mm long. Umbels in lateral panicles, mostly 3-flowered; peduncles compressed or angular, up to 2 cm long Operculum conical-acute, shorter than the floral tube. Camden, Liverpool, Parramatta districts; Broken Bay; Gosford; Illawarra. Alluviums and sandy-clay soils. Fl. winter. Spotted Gum