Corymbia eximia (Schauer) K.D.Hill & L.A.S.Johnson

Leaves bluish, concolorous, bark yellow, rough on trunk and branches, flaky or scaly. Fruit sessile, ovoid-truncate or urceolate, 13–16 x 14–15 mm; disc enclosed in the floral tube; valves enclosed. Tree up to 20 m high, usually gnarled. Leaves 10–18 x 1–2.5 cm, sometimes paler underneath. Lateral veins parallel; angle 50–70°; intramarginal vein 1 mm from the margin. Umbels 7-flowered, in a terminal corymb; peduncles angular, almost terete, 10–25 mm long. Operculum hemispherical, shortly beaked, shorter than the floral tube. Lower Blue Mts; Woronora Plateau. Fl. spring. Yellow Bloodwood