Corymbia K.D.Hill & L.A.S.Johnson

5 species endemic to Aust.; All states and territories except Tas.

Tree or sometimes a mallee. Bark smooth and shedding in flakes or strips or rough and shortly fibrous persistent to small branches. Juvenile leaves opposite, adult leaves alternate. Lateral veins parallel and closely spaced. Inflorescence a corymbose panicle, compound, terminal or lateral,, umbels 3–7-flowered. Flowers sessile or pedicellate. Calyx and corolla fused into an operculum or calyx and corolla segments separately connate into two opercula. Opercula seated on the rim of the floral tube and usually leaving a scar when shed. Stamens numerous, anthers versatile and dehiscing by longitudinal slits. Ovary half inferior, usually 2-locular. Fruit a capsule enclosed by the floral tube except at the summit, opening by terminal valves which are enclosed by the free portion of the floral tube, disc depressed. Leaf dimensions are length x width.