Conospermum R.Br.


53 species endemic Aust.; Qld. NSW, Vic., Tas., SA, WA

Small shrubs with few branches. Leaves entire, alternate or crowded. Flowers in short dense spikes which are arranged in a ± corymbose panicle, each flower sessile within a broad sheathing persistent bract. Perianth whitish or blue, irregular; tube straight; upper lobe usually broad, lower 3 narrower. Lower stamen reduced to a staminode; two lateral stamens with one fertile and 1 sterile loculus; upper stamen perfect; all coherent in the young flower, separating explosively. Style short, bent; pollen presenter absent. Fruit an achene, 2–3 mm long, with a flat or concave top, crowned with a ring of long hairs.