Christella H.Lév.

5 species native AUST.; all states and territories except Tas.

Terrestrial ferns often in swamps or along creeks in RF. Rhizomes usually erect or suberect or creeping, more rarely long-creeping, clothed with scales which are narrow with many superficial setae. Fronds usually with 1–5 pairs of pinnae usually reduced in size towards the lower part of the frond, mostly auriculate on the acroscopic base; pinnae ± lobed, clothed with erect, acicular hairs and sometimes orange-red or orange-yellow glandular hairs, at least the basal pair of veins from adjacent lobes anastomosing to form an excurrent vein which runs to the callous-sinus. Sori round; indusium orbicular-reniform, mostly setiferous; sporangia without setae or glands close to the annulus but always bearing oblong glandular hairs on the sporangial stalk. Spores dark, tuberculate or ridged, without a perispore.