Calochilus R.Br.


c. 28 species in Aust. (25 endemic, 3 native); all states and territories

Terrestrial, glabrous herbs with ovoid tubers. Leaf basal, usually long and narrow, conspicuously channelled; loose stem-bracts 1–3. Flowers few–c. 15, in a terminal raceme. Perianth green with red or purplish striae. Dorsal sepal broad, ± hooded; lateral sepals narrower, acute, spreading. Petals much shorter, broad, usually erect. Labellum longer than the sepals, sessile, undivided, with an oblong basal portion and triangular or almost trapezoid lamina most frequently ending in a ribbony filament and with long brilliant purplish or red hairs. Column short and broad, with wide wings. Anther terminal, incumbent or horizontal, with an obtuse beak, with 2 pollen sacs. Pollinia 2 or 4, deeply bilobed: pollen granular.