Babiana Ker Gawl.

1 species naturalized Aust.; NSW, Vic., S.A., WA

*Babiana stricta (Sol.) Ker Gawl.

Erect, pubescent, perennial herb c. 50 cm high, with corms. Leaves linear, 25 cm long, c. 15 mm wide, distichous. Flowers irregular, in a branched spike on a hairy scape; spathe subherbaceous, striate, hairy. Perianth segments red-purple, subequal, connate into a curved funnel-shaped tube. Stamens arranged onto the upper side of the flower. Stylar branches entire, ± dilated at the apex. Capsule ± inflated. Garden escape in waste ground near habitation. Introd. from S. Africa. Fl. summer