Arthrochilus F.Muell.

10 species in Aust. (8 endemic); all states and territories except WA

Terrestrial herbs with small tubers. Leaves 2–5 (absent in one species), basal, oblong to lanceolate, prostrate, usually but not always separate from the flowering stem, sometimes absent at flowering time. Flowers in a terminal raceme, sometimes numerous. Sepals and petals very slender, somewhat similar. Dorsal sepal erect; lateral sepals and petals spreading or deflexed. Labellum articulate by a long slender claw with the column foot; lamina narrow, peltate, hammer-shaped or insectiform; upper lobe either emarginate or separated into 2 long divergent filiform tails. Column elongate, very slender, incurved or erect or reflexed towards the ovary, with 2 wing-like auricles on either side of its upper part; foot either absent or rudimentary or long. Anther erect, obtuse, with 2 pollen sacs. Rostellum almost obsolete.