Adenochilus Hook.f.

1 species endemic Aust.; NSW

Adenochilus nortonii Fitzg.

Small, glabrous, terrestrial herb 10–20 cm high, with fleshy rhizomes. Leaf solitary, ovate to cordate, either sessile on the flowering stem or on a long petiole arising from the rhizome. Flower solitary, with a subtending sheathing bract well below the ovary; the bract with a conspicuous filament between its margins at the base, spathulate at the tip. Perianth white, 1–2 cm diam. Dorsal sepal broad, acute, ± hooded. Lateral sepals narrower and a little longer than the dorsal sepal, acuminate. Petals narrower and shorter than the sepals. Labellum on a claw, 3-lobed; the surface covered with yellow calli except at the tip. Column erect, widely winged; the wings higher than the anther. Labellum and column spotted with red. Blue Mts Rock crevices or in Sphagnum at elevations above 900 m. Fl. spring–summer