Acianthus R.Br.

13 species in Aust. (12 endemic); Qld, NSW, Vic., Tas., S.A.

Small terrestrial glabrous herbs with globular tubers. Leaf solitary, often close to the base of the stem, cordate to ovate or reniform, lower surface reddish-purple (Fig. 44). Flowers in a terminal raceme, rarely solitary, usually very small. Dorsal sepal erect or incurved, occasionally hooded, often produced into a fine point. Lateral sepals narrower than the dorsal sepal, usually spreading. Petals often shorter, reflexed or spreading. Labellum undivided, spreading, with 2 basal calli. Column long, rather slender, almost terete, incurved, seldom winged. Anther broad, erect, with 2 pollen sacs, valvate; pollinia granular or mealy; caudicle absent.