Acanthus L.

3 species in AUST, (2 native, 1 introduced); Qld, NSW, S.A., WA

*Acanthus mollis L.

Perennial herb. Leaves in a basal rosette, dark green, glabrous, to 50 cm long and 30 cm wide; margins dissected, the segments lobed. Petiole 20–30 cm long. Inflorescence up to 2 m high. Flowers purple and white, calyx of 4 lobes the upper lobe functioning as the upper lip of the corolla; corolla 3-lobed, 4–5 cm long. Capsule c. 2 mm long with 1–2 seeds, apex mucronate. Naturalized in disturbed areas of DSF. Introd. from Eurasia. Fl. summer. Bear’s Breeches