Abildgaardia Vahl

7 species in Aust. (6 endemic); Qld, NSW, NT

Abildgaardia ovata (Burm.f.) Kral

Tufted herbs with filiform rigid leaves shorter than culms. Culms up to 35 cm high. Inflorescence usually a single, compressed, spikelet ovate or narrow-ovate, to 3 cm long, solitary or with 1 or 2 extra spikelets on branchlets. Glumes pale coloured (green or yellowish), leathery, distichous at least at the base but often becoming spiral towards the apex. Stamens 2 or 3. Style 3-fid, 2–5 mm long. Nut 2–3 mm long, tuberculate. Coast. Uncommon, often on headlands