Wahlenbergia Schrad. ex Roth.

Flowers regular, funnel-shaped or rotate. Stamens free Wahlenbergia
Tufted perennial herbs without rhizomes the stems and inflorescences becoming much branched
Style not constricted, ± the same diameter throughout once the pollen has been removed
Corolla lobes 1.5–6 mm long, tube c. as long as the ovary, 1–5 mm long . Sepals up to 3 mm long. Capsule obconic 2.5–7 mm long. Tufted perennial up to 80 cm high, often ± straggling, with many branches. Widespread. Many communities and often a weed of cultivation. Fl. most of the year Wahlenbergia gracilis
Corolla lobes 6–20 mm long, tube distinctly longer than the ovary