Vegetative key to the families

INSECTIVEROUS PLANTS with either sticky glands on the leaves (Fig.28), or with bladders 1–2 mm long on submerged or subterranean leaves (Fig. 28). Very delicate herbs
Leaves with glandular hairs, in a rosette and/or ascending and bifurcating (Fig. 24) Droseraceae
Leaves all basal. Roots fibrous, never tuberous
Leaves dichotomously divided into 2–8 segments, rarely undivided; segments linear, 5–10 cm long. Petiole long, glabrous. Flowers c. 25 mm diam., in a loose cyme with racemose branches. Petals white. Whole plant 10–60 cm high. Widespread in swamps and along creeks. Fl. spring–summer Drosera binata
Leaves undivided, usually in a rosette, reddish