Setaria P.Beauv.

Bristles left on the rhachis when spikelets fall Setaria
Inflorescence spike-like, up to 15 cm long. Leaf blades less than 2 cm wide
Inflorescence mostly 6–8 mm diam., 6–8 cm long. Annual up to 60 cm high. Widespread. Weed. Introd. from Europe and trop. America. Fl. summer. Whorled Pigeon Grass Setaria verticillata
Inflorescence mostly 10 (–20) mm diam., 6–20 cm long, sometimes interrupted near the base. Annual up to 1.5 cm high. Leaf blades up to 20 mm wide. Upper floret falling from the spikelet at maturity. Regarded as a cultivated form of S. viridis. Near habitation. Cultivated for bird seed. Fl. summer. Foxtail Millet or Indian Millet Setaria italica