Rupicola Maiden & Betche

Stamens inserted at the base of the corolla tube. Anthers partially adnate to filament, connivent around the style but not cohering Rupicola
Leaves elliptic to narrow-elliptic, tapering towards the base
Decumbent shrubs. Leaves spreading
Leaves more than 15 mm long, spreading to horizontal, elliptic to ovate, 12–20 mm long, 4–8 mm wide, with a small callous tip. Corolla lobes 5–9 mm long; tube c. 1 mm long. Style hairy towards the base. Glen Davis. DSF in rocky places. Ss. Fl. winter–summer Rupicola decumbens
Leaves less than 11 mm long, mostly horizontal, elliptic to ovate, 8–14 mm long, 3–4 mm wide, acute. Corolla lobes 5–6 mm long; tube c. 1.5 mm long. Style glabrous. Lower Blue Mts DSF in rocky places. Ss. Fl. spring–summer Rupicola ciliata