Polygonum L.

Stipules deeply cut, silvery to white Polygonum
Leaves oblong-lanceolate or elliptic, 1–4 cm long; lateral veins conspicuous underneath. Nut dull. Stems up to 1 m long
Perianth tube at least half as long as the segments. Perianth 3–4 mm long. Leaves 5–20 mm long, ± uniform in size. Widespread. Waste land. Introd. from Europe. Wire Weed Polygonum arenastrum
Perianth tube very short. Perianth 2–4 mm long. Leaves up to 50 mm long, those on the main stem much larger than those on the lateral stems. Widespread. Weed of cultivation and waste places. Fl. most of the year. Cosmop.. Wire Weed or Hog Weed Polygonum aviculare