Polygala L.

Keel with a filamentous crest Polygala
Shrubs usually more than 1 m high. Flowers more than 8 mm long
Leaves linear or very narrow-elliptic, 2–6 cm long. Flowers in long terminal leafless racemes usually more than 10 cm long. Outer sepals obovate to broad-elliptic, c. 10 mm long. Petals pale purplish. Erect shrubs with slender twiggy branches. Coast and adjacent plateaus, e.g. Kurnell, Pymble. Waste places, especially sand dunes. Fl. spring–summer. Introd. from S. Africa Polygala virgata
Leaves elliptic to obovate or narrow-obovate, 2–3 cm long, not conspicuously reticulate. Flowers in short terminal racemes. Outer sepals ovate, 12–15 mm long. Petals deep pink. Shrub 1–2 m high. Coast. Waste land. Introd. from S. Africa. Fl. spring-summer Polygala myrtifolia