Poa L.

Leaves convolute. Plants found adjacent to the coast Poa
Basal internodes bulbous or thickened; the thickening composed of the enlarged and fleshy inner basal leaf sheaths. Culms usually erect, up to 40 cm high, 2–4-noded. Leaves glabrous; blades up to 10 cm long, 1–2.5 mm wide; ligule membranous, 2–8 mm long. Panicle up to 6 cm long, dense, ovate or oblong in outline. Spikelets ovate to oblong, with 3–6 florets, compressed, 3–5 mm long. Blue Mts Pastures; weed. Introd. from Europe. Fl. spring. Bulbous Poa Poa bulbosa