Phebalium Vent.

Anthers basifixed with a gland at apex, bracteoles attached at base of pedicel and insignificant Phebalium
Leaves entire
Leaves mostly obovate less than 10 mm long, shining above, whitish below; the margins recurved. Flowers similar to the other ssp. Erect shrub c. 1 m high. Blue Mts, e.g. Mt York, Mt Victoria. Exposed situations on Ss. Fl. spring Phebalium squamulosumozothamnoides
Leaves linear to obovate or oblong, recurved or flat, mostly more than 10 mm long. Petals scaly outside, up to 4 mm long. Calyx short. Fruiting carpel scarcely beaked. Erect or diffuse shrubs 0.5–2 m high.