Microtis R.Br.

Flowers resupinate. Dorsal sepal hooded Microtis
Upper surface of the labellum with 2 callosities at the base and 1 at the apex
Petals spreading below dorsal sepal. Labellum at least ⅔ as long as ovary, 3–5 mm long, emarginate, margins wavy. Flowers well spaced, yellowish-green to bright green. Petals more than 2 mm long. Lateral sepals spreading, recurved or tightly revolute. Plant up to 50 cm high (usually much less). Widespread. Fl. Oct.–Nov. Scented Onion Orchid Microtis rara
Petals erect held within the dorsal sepal. Labellum less than half as long as ovary. Flowers crowded, green.