Lolium L. >

Glumes 1, except 2 on the terminal spikelet. Spikelets sessile, alternate on a flattened rhachis Lolium
Glume c. as long as, or longer than the spikelet
Spikelets oblong-cuneate, much broader than the rhachis, with 3–9 florets, swollen at the fruiting stage. Glume consistently longer than the spikelet. Lemma awnless or with a dorsal awn 1–2 mm long. Spike 15–20 cm long. Rhachis conspicuously zig zagged. Annual up to 50 cm high. Widespread. Pastures; uncommon garden weed. Introd. from Europe, Asia and Africa. Darnel Lolium temulentum