Lolium L.

Glumes 1, except 2 on the terminal spikelet. Spikelets sessile, alternate on a flattened rhachis Lolium
Glume c. as long as, or longer than the spikelet
Spikelets linear to narrow-lanceolate, as broad as, or a little broader than the rhachis, not swollen at the fruiting stage, deeply embedded in the rhachis. Rhachis faintly zig zagged
Rhachis roughly square in section. Spikelets with 3–5 florets. Otherwise similar to L. temulentum. Wimmera Ryegrass Lolium rigidum
Rhachis much flattened, rectangular in section. Uncommon. Rigid Ryegrass Lolium loliaceum