Indusium opening outwards towards the margin, attached at the base (Fig. 16). Pinnules cuneate, flabellate or dimidiate. Lindsaeaceae
Fronds 1-pinnate, linear, dimorphic; the fertile fronds narrower and taller than the sterile fronds
Stipe and rhachis dark purplish or red-brown or black. Primary pinnae flabellate (Fig. 16). Widespread. Open forests, heath or scrub (often Leptospermum). Sandy soil, near swamps or amongst grass in damp situations. Screw Fern Lindsaea linearis
Stipe (except near the base) and rhachis yellowish. Primary pinnae cuneate-flabellate to subdimidiate. Coast and Cumberland Plain. Heath; Open forests. Damp hillsides, in sandy or peaty soil often under dry grass Lindsaea dimorpha