Inflorescence a short raceme or flower solitary Hypoxidaceae
Filaments alternate long and short. Flowers usually 1–3 on each stem. Leaves up to 20 cm long, 1–4 mm wide
Flowers usually solitary on each stem. Sepals glabrous or glabrescent
Anthers versatile, tapering upwards, emarginate. Leaves up to 1.5 mm wide. Style slender; stigmas much shorter than the style. Widespread. Grasslands and Heath. Fl. spring–autumn Hypoxis hygrometricahygrometrica
Anthers erect, oblong, forked at the top. Leaves usually more than 1.5 mm wide. Style thick; stigmas ± as long as the style. Higher Blue Mts Heath and DSF. Fl. spring–autumn Hypoxis hygrometricasplendida