Galium L.

Leaves linear to narrow-elliptic Galium
“Leaves” mostly more than 6 in each whorl; may be less on flowering stems. Annuals
“Leaves” with antrose hairs on the margins; 4–6 in each whorl, 3–7 mm long. Flowers in pairs, axillary. Fruit linear-oblong, c. 1 mm diam., covered with spreading hooked hairs. Weak, glabrous or scabrous annual up to 12 cm high. Coast and adjacent plateaus; Cumberland Plain. Damp places in open forests. Introd. from Europe. Fl. spring Galium murale
“Leaves” with retrorse hairs on the margins; 6–8 in each whorl, 15–30 mm long. Flowers in axillary cymes