Euchiton Cass.

Heads in dense, terminal, clusters surrounded by a number of leaf-like bracts. Stoloniferous herbs (except E. sphaericus) Euchiton
More than one bisexual floret per head. Plants stoloniferous perennials. Heads 2–4 mm diam.
Basal rosette of leaves alive at flowering; basal leaves mostly 10–18 cm long, 4–10 mm wide, acute, glabrous above. Clusters of heads with 1–2 subtending leaves. Stoloniferous perennial with leafy stems, c. 40 cm high. Widespread. DSF. Fl. most of the year. Creeping Cudweed Euchiton gymnocephalus
Basal rosette of leaves dead at flowering time; basal leaves 7–18 cm long, 4–11 mm wide, oblong to linear. Cluster of heads with 3–5 subtending leaves. Erect perennial up to 70 cm high. Widespread. Open forests and grasslands; sometimes a weed in gardens. Fl. most of the year. Star Cudweed Euchiton involucratus