Eryngium L.

Leaves and bracts pungent pointed. Flowers in dense heads or short cylindrical spikes Eryngium
Plants less than 1 m high
Main stems erect, branched, rigid, ± ribbed, 15–50 cm high
Basal leaves pinnatisect, 10–20 cm long; segments linear, rigid, pungent pointed; rhachis about as broad as the short petiole. Whole plant with a bluish tinge. Valleys of the western Blue Mts Open forests; pastures; waste places. Fl. summer. Blue Devil Eryngium ovinum
Basal leaves lobed or dentate, broad-ovate in outline; each lobe or tooth terminating in a rigid pungent point; petiole short, broad. Plant without a bluish tinge. Budgewoi. Coastal sand-dunes. Fl. summer–autumn Eryngium maritimum