Elaeocarpus L.

Leaf lamina tapering gradually towards the base. Fruit drupaceous Elaeocarpus
Racemes glabrous, flowers often rather numerous. Sepals 6–8 mm long. Petals fringed or lobed, as long as or slightly longer than the sepals. Domatia usually present on leaf
Sepals 6–8 mm long. Anthers acute
Leaves elliptic-oblong to lanceolate or rarely narrower, mostly 7–12 cm long, acuminate, ± serrate, acute at the base, coriaceous; petioles 1–2 cm long. Racemes 2–8 cm long. Fruit dark blue, 8–10 mm diam. Small tree or large shrub. Widespread. Gullies and sheltered places. Fl. spring–summer. Blueberry Ash Elaeocarpus reticulatus
Leaves lanceolate or narrow-oblong, 10–20 cm long, serrate, coriaceous, obtuse at the base; petioles 3–5 cm long. Large tree. Coast and adjacent plateaus. RF. Fl. summer. Pigeon Berry Ash or White Quandong Elaeocarpus kirtonii