Small shrub. Flowers 4(rarely 5)-merous with 8(10) stamens. Tetratheca
Stems terete or ridged not winged
Sepals persistent around the fruit. Pedicels and sepals glandular-hirsute. Leaves mostly opposite, sub-opposite or rarely whorled linear, scabrous, with revolute margins. Petals 5–11 mm long. Ovary glandular-pubescent and with some simple hairs. Ovules 1 per loculus. Undershrub up to 50 cm high. Hornsby Plateau. Heath and DSF. Ss. Vulnerable. Fl. spring Tetratheca glandulosa
Sepals deciduous. Pedicels not glandular-hirsute. Leaves usually whorled, sometimes alternate (opposite on some branches of T. shiressii).