Echinopogon P.Beauv. >

Glumes rigidly ciliate on the keels (rough to the touch). Lemma 5–11-nerved. Panicle spike-like Echinopogon
Lemma entire or bilobed with lobes up to 1.5 mm long. Spikelets mostly less than 5 mm long
Loosely tufted perennial up to 1.2 m high with a slender often elongated rhizome. Culms often bent at a basal node or nodes. Lobes of the lemma minute or lemma entire. Leaf blades 2–8 mm wide. Panicle ovoid to oblong, up to 50 mm long and 25 mm wide. Widespread. Usually in WSF and damper situations in DSF. Fl. spring. Forest Hedgehog Grass Echinopogon ovatus