Digitaria Haller f.

Glumes 2 with 1 sterile lemma (Fig. 50 a) Digitaria
Rhachis devoid of spikelets for at least 2 cm at the base
Racemes numerous, up to 35 cm long. Leaves glabrous or loosely pubescent. Spikelets 3 mm long, ± woolly with silky hairs, distant on the branches of the inflorescence. Erect, tufted perennial up to 80 cm high. Coast and Cumberland Plain. Forests. Fl. summer. Umbrella Grass Digitaria divaricatissima
Racemes up to 11, up to 20 cm long. Leaves glabrous except towards the summit. Spikelets c. 3 mm long, covered with silky brownish or purplish hairs. Erect perennial up to 80 cm high, with short rhizomes. Hunter River Valley. Fl. summer. Cotton Panic Grass Digitaria brownii